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Filler - Japan Crisis 2011

Filler - Japan Crisis 2011


Luna Cerulea

Kim is a Japanese-American girl starting her senior year of high school. But she has a very embarrassing secret-she actually comes from a long line of super-powered magical girls, complete with unnecessary costumes and catch-phrases! Can she deny her call to action long enough to be a normal student? By the way everybody, this is my first comic and just for practice, so it's gonna be a bit silly. Go easy on me. :] Read LEFT-->RIGHT. Updates... whenever I feel like it. @w@


I'm a dickface.

I started drawing these pages a million years ago, and then never continued! But I'm not quitting drawing comics, I've just been writing lately. But I want to return to Luna Cerulea. I'm going to actually put some effort into writing a new chapter and drawing some pages. It will be better than the old stuff. >_>

And thanks for everybody who's read and commented! Your support means a lot! ^o^

Posted by Cheese-Sama @ December 22nd, 2010, 9:51 pm
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Art Yay!

I'm gonna start putting up some extra art and start working on character sheets. Even though this is just a practice comic, I want to jazz it up a little. Also, if anybody is willing to draw some fan art for me, that would be awesome. I credit anybody whose art I add, and I would also accept art trades and stuff. So yeah. Moar art coming in the near future.


Posted by Cheese-Sama @ November 19th, 2009, 5:07 pm
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